Ultimately, we like to ask ourselves four questions to help us determine whether we can have an effective and mutually satisfying relationship with a potential client:

Can we make a difference?
Can we do great work?
Can we make a fair profit?
Can we have fun?

If together we can answer yes to all four questions (you’ll note that not one of those questions is about size), the result will be a long and successful relationship. And you’ll have an agency that will work single-mindedly to help you grow your business and outperform your competitors.

With overall billings of $700 million, our client list comprises clients with billings appreciably less than $1 million and clients whose billings are just north of $30 million. Our horizontal structure, with no pyramid to climb, gives us the agility to scale our services to the needs of our clients, allowing smaller clients to thrive happily alongside much larger clients.